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N1Carpet, Collections of finest Persian rugs

Customer Bio:

N-1 CARPET Company is the Canadian branch of family owned business Namdari Carpet based in Iran. Established sixty years ago Namdari Carpet is a well respected nationally known showroom that offers some of the finest rugs made in Iran today.

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    N1Carpet, Collections of finest Persian rugs
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    - Web design and development on Drupal 8 - Digital Marketing Strategy - Paid Advertisement on Google and Bing - Remarleting Campaigns on Search & Display networks - Paid Social Media Advertisement on Facebook and Instagram - Search Engine Optimisation - Email Marketing - Clould Hosting, CDN and Https
>M. Namdari - Owner -

M. Namdari

Owner -

Hojabr is a professional who knows his business inside and out, Plus He's very dedicated and passionate about what he's doing. He's someone you can rely on not only to build your website but to help you grow your business through digital marketing so you wont be falling behind the competition in this fast pacing market.

After being live online for close to a year I couldn't be happier with the outcome of the job done by Hojabr. His vision of digital marketing blended into the design of the website has given us a lot of flexibility regarding online advertising.there's not a single day passing that I don't get compliments from clients about our website

Customer key challenges:

Preparing for the opening of our new showroom one of my biggest concerns was setting up a decent website and a result driven marketing strategy. So I made a few calls and a while later Hojabr was recommended to me by someone I had confidence in his judgment. I met him and minutes after the start of our interview I knew he is the one who can take care of the job. He understood my needs quickly and came up with brilliant ideas regarding different aspects of what we should implement. What I liked most about him was his firsthand inside knowledge of digital marketing and his ability to infuse it into the design in order to make it more efficient for various purposes.

The Solution:

Highlight of key projects completed for

  • Analyze the global market, design and develop an optimized website using advanced technologies(Drupal 8)
  • Market and competition analysis to plan a winning digital marketing strategy.
  • Continuous Design, Implementation and Optimizations of Paid Search and Display Ads
  • Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, paid advertisement on Facebook and Instagram
  • Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation(CRO)
  • Performance SSD Cloud Web Hosting, CDN and HTTPS

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